About Canopy Group

Canopy is a group of self-employed financial advisors in Auckland , hand picked for our diverse experience and dedication to personalised results. Here's a bit about what makes us tick:

  • We each hold individual licences with the Financial Markets Authority to work on your behalf. We are business owners and family people.
  • We understand the pressures of juggling all the financial decisions with everything else going on in your lives. Kids, jobs, side-hustles, mates, healthy things, not so healthy things… we get it.
  • We pride ourselves on taking the time to get to know you, understand the products available, and get you the best fit. Like matchmaking for financial products.
  • We believe you deserve the time and effort to understand what you are purchasing and why.
  • We are passionate about giving you peace of mind that you - and your people - are covered.

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