Mortgage Advisors

With an investment this size, why wouldn’t you shop around? Even better, why wouldn’t you get an expert to go in to bat for you?

Our Mortgage Advisors in Auckland and Tauranga specialise in tailored, relationship-based solutions for those wanting the very best level of service.

First home buyers

  • We’ve been first home buyers too. We understand what a huge commitment it is - but it doesn’t have to be scary.
  • Whether you’ve got a deposit ready to go or you’re just starting to save for one, it’s never too early to get in touch with an experienced advisor and make sure you’re on the right track.
  • We’ll guide you along each step of the way - until you’re opening your celebratory bottle of plonk, and beyond.


Self-employed borrowers

  • We understand the unique challenges self-employed borrowers face - after all, we are all business owners too.
  • Whether you’re a sole trader or have a more complex business structure, we have experience in structuring lending so you can meet your goals.


Refinancing, restructures and refixes

  • Not feeling the love from your bank? Has your amazing banker moved on? Or maybe you just want some impartial advice and guidance around how to structure your loan, how long to fix for or what rates are available.
  • Mortgages are living, breathing things. The more attention we give them, the quicker we can get rid of them!
  • Let us help set you up for success.


New builds

  • New builds require less deposit and often have more competitive interest rates, so they’re an attractive option for both first home buyers and investors. First home buyers may also be able to access additional benefits such as the First Home Grant.
  • Talk to us to understand all the different options before you sign up.