Neil Swanney

Financial Adviser

Specialises in:

The ultimate in ‘adult admin’ – but it doesn’t have to be painful. 
We specialise in protecting the people and businesses in your life. 
Insurance is not a one size fits all, off the shelf sort of product. That’s why we carefully tailor it to your situation and we’re there to support when that situation changes. 
Because, life.

With extensive experience in small to medium sized business, Neil believes insurance is a necessary safeguard and sees it as an undervalued product. Having started his career as an electrician, Neil switched to the business environment and quickly moved up the ranks to become a senior executive. When the time came to exit the corporate world, he joined a bunch of very experienced insurance brokers and adapted his skills to benefit business owners, mums and dads to offset their financial risks.

Neil is delighted to be a partner and director of a very respected group of insurance advisers. He has a firm resolve to help his clients avoid disaster and to personally provide the right advice for their individual situation.

Neil enjoys playing golf, fishing, watching rugby and spending time with friends and family.

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Fast facts

Favourite song/band: Bitter sweet symphony / The Verve
Can't live without: My barn
Favourite movie: Charlie Wilsons War
Master of: Backgammon
Hero: Winston Churchill
Ideal weekend activity: Golf, then a cold beer

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